The popular media, be it print, radio, television, or online, are essential to the process of disseminating information about environmental issues and their relationship to our health, the economy, and business. For this reason, it is extremely important that journalists receive the clearest and most accurate information they possibly can from scientists, economists, and those familiar with business practices and market cycles. To this end, CEES developed -- in conjunction with The New York Times Co. Foundation, the Nurture Nature Foundation, and the Columbia School of Journalism -- an Institute for Environmental Journalism. The annual 5-day Institute devotes mornings to presenting the latest science and environmental economics, and afternoons to reporters' workshops, in which journalists work to accurately translate the science into stories that will grab the public's attention.

The Institute has served over 50 journalists from key media outlets including The NY Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, LA Times, National Geographic, Scientific American, CNBC, NPR, ABC, and others.

Experts providing lectures to the journalists have come from Columbia University, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Conservation Society, American Museum of Natural History, The New York Botanical Garden, Pew Institute for Ocean Science, Resources for the Future, Duke University, Harvard University, and Goldman Sachs.

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